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Welcome to was created to advertise top ads at the top above the headers, below the headers, and a side bar advertisement for the sites that cant have a top ad above the header, or below the header. I have one that can only be placed at the bottom. I own and maintain 112 websites, with 53 that are high authority sites with Google ranking. For a monthly Paypal subscription, your ad will run until you cancel your Paypal subscription. There will only be 12 text ads with no more than 18 characters that will appear on every site that has the code. I own over 180 domain names, and I'm building new sites weekly. I purchase a couple of high ranking domain names a week, and build sites that fit the niche of the domain name when possible.

All subscriptions will start the next day after the Paypal subscription has been started. Your text link ad will run until you cancel your subscription.
Pricing for monthly text ads here! Demos Of The Text Ads In Action! Or just look up at the top of this page to see the top ads, and look on the left and the right for the side ads.

I will also be advertising 468X60 banner ads across my entire network soon!

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