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The Price For One Month Will Be $15.95!

This purchase is for a banner to be placed in our banner rotator that will run for 30 days or more.  A 468X60 banner is fine but will be resized to fit a 390X48 screen for mobile sites.

Your banner ad will go on 106 websites, and remain there for 30 days plus give or take a day!
After payment received, your banner ad will be added by the next day or much sooner!

There is [ 24 ] banner slots available. If set at [0] means there are no available slots left! Do not order if set at 0. A list of sites that will have these banner rotators on them! Click here!

Your banner will be added to one of two rotators, one on the left and one on the right. Your banner will be placed in one of the two rotators which is up to admin to decide which one! The rotators rotate every 8 seconds and this can change depending on admin. Sometimes admin changes this to 7 seconds depending on how many banners we have in a rotator, but most of the time it will be set at 8 seconds!

Total Sites And Sub-sites In This Network! [  106  ]

Paypal Payment: $15.95! For Banner Ad For 30 Days In Our Rotator!
While Paying In Paypal, Please Send Your Url: And Banner Url:

Paypal Subscription: $15.95!

Your text link on multiple sites permanently! Details Here!

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