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Order a monthly Paypal subscription for a text link of no more than 18 characters, and spaces count as a space. If you can spell out your text using "Your Text Ad Here!" than that will work. If you purchase this and send me more than 18 characters, I will not add it, and refund your money.
I own and maintain 206 websites and sub-sites, with some of them high authority sites with Google ranking. I will run only 14 text link ads of 18 characters only, spaces count as a character. Your ad will run until you cancel your monlty subscription in Paypal.
I have 3 places to place these featured ads, one being at the top of the header, and some below the header, and some will be on the side bar because some of these sites wont permit me to add above the header, or below, so I have to add them in a side bar on those sites.
A list of all the sites that will have your link on them here!

When this count [ 14 ] is zero, all ad slots are in use until someone cancels a subscription and you will see above if any slots are available.
There is only 14 ad slots available, don't purchase if set to zero.
I will be posting updates! I may add a new site or take one off the list, but in most cases, I will replace a site with another site.

The next day after purchase, I will add your text link and it will run for 30 days, starting the day of purchase until you cancel your subscription.

I will have your text link added by the next day and will run until you cancel your subscription! To Unsubscribe, use the Unsubscribe button below!

The Price For A Monthly PayPal Subscription, Will Be $15.95!
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Your Text Link On The Index Pages of multiple high authority sites Permanently! Details Here!

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